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Male Bake-Off at College Park (Super Bowl Sunday)
Male Bake-Off 2014
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February 4, 2015
Theme: Wild Things

Immediately following 11 AM worship on Sunday everyone is invited to a simple lunch of soup and sandwiches in the Fellowship Hall. Afterwards, we’ll sample all the male bake-off entries. All males are invited to participate!

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Age Groups:

  • Cadets: ages 5-7
  • Young Bucks: ages 8-11
  • Guys: ages 12-18
  • Men: ages 19 & older


  • Any male 5 years old or older can enter (non-members are welcome).
  • The entries should be ready for judging by 11:00 am on Sunday.
  • Men entering the contest may receive no help from any woman. Boys may receive some help from brothers, fathers, or other male figures.
  • All entries should be a dessert of some variety.
  • Men may use a boxed cake mix, but should not cheat. (Cheating would be buying an already made cake.)
  • Each entry costs $5 to pay for the snappy awards. As always, three impartial judges will judge all desserts. Bribes are accepted and appreciated.


  • Muy Macho                 
  • Honey Badger Don’t Care Award
  • Football Theme Award                               
  • Best Fruit Dessert         
  • Best Chocolate Dessert              
  • Best Pie          
  • Best Cookies                
  • Best Cupcakes          
  • Best Brownies     
  • Best International Dessert               
  • Best Frozen Dessert                           
  • Best C2H6O                                         
  • Best Looking Dessert                         
  • Best Tasting Dessert                          
  • Most Creative Dessert                       
  • Most Biblical Dessert                         
  • Bowl of Weirdness
  • Judges Award
  • Best of Show
  • There are also 1st - 4th awards for each age group.

Archive Photos

Champ Michael C. From the 2001 Bake-Off

Some 2001 Winners

Photos from 2008