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Sunday Early Service Begins Oct 4

Tessera: CP’s New Early Service
Location: Chapel
Time: 9:00—9:45 am on Sundays

Name: Tessera (small individual tiles used to make a large mosaic)

What might be some of the elements of this service? This new service will evolve, but here is a possible order:

  1. No bulletin, choir, or offering plates. Wooden boxes near the three exits would be for prayers, response cards, and offering.
  2. Worship leaders are dressed casually, for example, nice pants and a well-made t-shirt.
  3. High quality coffee in the back
  4. Service opens with music: guitar, piano, saxophone, drums are all good possibilities.
  5. Singing is not so much “I love Jesus” songs (we do all love Jesus, but our hymnody should be more mature than just one type of praise song), but music representing a variety of theological responses and moods.
  6. Prayers of the people: worshippers offer petitions and leader leads in a response, such as “Lord, hear our prayer.
  7. Scripture reading, creatively done.
  8. Sermon, done without notes, in a more casual tone. (same sermon as in the 11, only in a more casual manner)
  9. Special music of some sort
  10. Sermon talk-back
  11. Communion, offered weekly.
  12. Closing song.
  13. Walking benediction


College Park Baptist Church
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