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a look down memory lane 1999-2001


Austin Powers visits during Michael Usey's 5th Anniversary Celebration in 1999.





The popular Male Bake-Off


The adult and youth choirs present the 70s musical "Celebrate Life" on Palm Sunday 2000. 


Festival of Lessons and Carols, December 12, 1999

Children's Choir and Egg Hunt, 2001



Youth (and the "O" boy) at Unidiversity Camp in Washington, DC

July 2001


The Stocks in Hungary


Our gang at the Habitat for Humanity "BYOH" Party on New Year's Eve celebrating the arrival of 2000 with their hammers.


Our liturgical dancing was really a drag at Michael's Sabbatical Kick-Off in 2000.


The Useys on sabbatical in Denmark in 2000


Forever 39 lunch on June 30, 2000


Youth Mission Trip to Charleston, WV, June 2000


The Pathfinders enjoy Lunch on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris January 2001.

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