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what we do: missions

Our vibrant church ministers to folks of all ages. There are many opportunities to connect and grow with others, while lending a helping hand to each other and to those in our community and throughout the world.

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Energeia—CPC’s Community Service Ministry
One of the phrases you’ll often hear at College Park is “loving God means loving people.” But how do we show God’s love to people in our community? That can be challenging to figure out. Who needs help? What do they really need? What do our time, energy, and resources allow us to offer them? For many years our congregation has cooked and served dinner on the third Sunday night of every month at Greensboro Urban Ministry’s homeless shelter. But with Greensboro’s unemployment rate higher than the national average, with 20% of Greensboro’s population living in poverty and 25% of Greensboro families saying they struggle to feed their families, and with local charities struggling to meet growing needs with dwindling financial support, College Park’s Missions Committee believes we can do more. So the committee has decided to launch a quarterly community service ministry called Energeia that will provide additional opportunities for College Park-ers to show God’s love directly to our community. Energeia, which is Greek for working, will invite College Park-ers to volunteer one Saturday morning or afternoon each quarter to work in a local humanitarian effort. While some of these work opportunities will be best suited for adult volunteers, others may also be appropriate for families with children and youth. Our work will benefit the homeless, the developmentally and physically challenged, the poor, and the environment.

Mission Outreach: 3 Nickels
What if you had to walk three miles for clean water or if half of your family died from a treatable disease? If you could only eat when food could be found? What would one dollar mean to you?

Now is your chance to help eliminate such human needs and suffering. Pledge to support College Park's outreach fund titled 3 Nickels. Our goal is to have 100 families or members pledge at least $1 per week, or 3 nickels per day. Each year the money given to the 3 Nickels fund is used to support different humanitarian projects around the world.

Our 3 Nickels campaign for 2014 will go for:

  • Provide aid to Syrian refugees
  • Help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
  • Provide small business loans to families in Thailand

We invite you to pledge and give 3 nickels per day and to suggest other world mission groups that we can help next year. Help fight poverty around the world by sending your dollar per week. Contact the church office to give (you don't have to be a church member to help!): or 336.273.1779

Read Michael's sermon about 3 Nickels.

Want to help us locally? Check out our Backpack Club!

Being God’s Hands and Feet: An Overview of College Park Church’s Missions Program

“For God so loved the world . . .” College Park Church understands that we are the recipients of God’s boundless love and that God has called us to show that same love to others locally and globally. Guided by College Park’s Missions Committee, our faith community is currently involved in a number of opportunities to express God’s love in tangible ways to other people.

Global Missions
We provide financial support to American Baptist Churches USA and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship international mission efforts and global humanitarian programs through our budget, church member envelope giving, and our missions fund-raising program called Three Nickels. Three Nickels encourages each church member to pledge to give three nickels per day to support ministries outside the U.S.

Local Missions
Following is a partial list of local ministries in which our church members participate or our church supports.

  • Our Backpack Club provides a weekend’s worth of nutritious, child-friendly food in a discreet shopping bag, which needy children at nearby Peck Elementary School can slip into their backpacks. We started a pilot program in 2008 to feed 5 children; in 2014, the Backpack Club is partnering with the local nonprofit Backpack Beginnings to feed 50 Peck students each week.
  • Greensboro Urban Ministry: On the third Sunday of every month we cook and serve dinner to about 100 homeless people at Urban Ministry’s Potter’s House Community Kitchen. We also collect nonperishable foods every month to help Urban Ministry provide emergency food to families and individuals in need.
  • Al-Anon: Two different Al-Anon groups meet at College Park each week.
  • Shepherd’s Center of Greensboro: College Park financially supports Shepherd’s Center, which helps older adults pursue independent and active lives.
  • Senior Wheels Medical Transportation Program: College Park financially supports Senior Wheels, which provides rides for senior adults to medical appointments.

Outrageous Outreach
Outrageous Outreach is an opportunity for College Park’s children in grades 3–5 to grow in their understanding of serving God through serving others. This lively group meets every 4–6 weeks and works with 3rd–5th graders from Grace United Methodist Church on various service projects. Activities have included serving a meal at and collecting towels and linens for Pathways Center (a local shelter for homeless families), cleaning up the garden at Kids Path (at Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro), and playing games with Burmese refugee children whose parents are in English class.

Foreign Missionaries
Ralph and Tammy Stocks, Romany Ministry in Hungary (Read their Blog)
Contact them:

Email them

Denominational Missions
Alliance of Baptists, Washington, DC
Associated Baptist Press, Jacksonville, FL
Baptist Joint Committee, Washington, DC
Baptist Peace Fellowship, Charlotte, NC
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Atlanta

See youth doing mission work at Passport Camp

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