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who are we?
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If you visit College Park Church on a Sunday, what will you find?
Click here to download!• An “interesting” mixture of enthusiastic, compassionate, and fun folks gathering to worship a living God
• Women Baptist ministers or youth leading worship
• Diverse music accompanied by our new pipe organ 
• People pitching in to help refugees begin a new life in Greensboro
• Creative, liturgical worship that includes laughter, as well as contemplation
• A pastor who is provocative, biblically focused, humorous, and passionate, sometimes all at once
• Lots of children scurrying about a new playground
• Coffee, fellowship, and Bible study during Sunday School
• A close-knit youth group, recently returned from a mission trip or youth camp
• Encouragement to use your Christian curiosity and open your mind to new insight on scripture
• An invitation to help us cook for and serve the homeless at Greensboro Urban Ministry
• A singles and young professionals group going skydiving or to Paris or collecting canned food for the needy
• The loan of a hammer to help us build a house for Habitat for Humanity
• A group of folks that would rather fellowship after worship than rush to be first in line at the cafeteria
• An inclusive faith community of all who confess Jesus is Lord where persons from all walks of life feel comfortable

With a membership of over 300, our church believes that every person is created in the image of God and has the potential to reflect Christ as a mirror reflects light. We actively seek ways to make the message of God’s love real in people’s lives. Come see why we call ourselves “Progressive, Diverse, and Ecumenical.”

Staff (click link to read bios)
Lin Bunce: Associate Minister of Youth
Rydell Harrison, Minister of Music and Worship
Michael Usey
, Pastor
Georgia Murray, Office & Media Manager
David Soyars, Organist
Cindy Dillon, Minister of Small Groups

Affiliations (Read more)
American Baptist Churches USA
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Alliance of Baptists
College Hill Congregations

"Worship is important to this family. College Park has long practiced worship as a loving response to the gracious acts of God. In worship we are strengthened and shaped for being Christian in the world. Worship is the hub from which the spokes of our ministry emerge." - Rev. Michael Usey

The 13 Values of our Church
1. Worship the Living God corporately and privately
2. Enjoy fellowship with a community of faith
3. Provide quality Christian education for all ages
4. Support varied missions activities both here and abroad
5. Encourage creativity
6. Honor the integrity of the family
7. Value an inclusivity of all who confess Jesus is Lord
8. Use excellent music to praise and enjoy God
9. Promote radical stewardship of all talents
10. Plan for the future so the Church will flourish
11. Respect the diversity of our members
12. Be faithful to historic Baptist beliefs and history
13. Encourage a deep Christian curiosity and spiritual openness

Michael Usey and the Wake Forest group of pastors, with Dean Bill Leonard and Dr. Neal Walls, on the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem, July 29, 2008.

UNCG Parking Permits
Applications are now available for semester or annual parking permits for students at UNCG, located just across the street from the church. Read more about our UNCG parking permits.


College Park Baptist Church
1601 Walker Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403