Sunday School

Sunday School & Study Groups

We have many exciting changes for Sunday School for the 2019-20 school year. All are invited to join these small groups and make some new friends, 10:00 until 10:45 AM.

Nursery (birth-23 months), Room 103

We provide childcare for all College Park related activities. Our childcare is provided both by Preferred Childcare, Inc employees and College Park volunteers.

All Preferred Childcare, Inc employees undergo continual background checks, have been trained in child/adult safety, and are CPR/first aid certified. All College Park volunteers also have continual background checks and may be certified in CPR/first aid.

Toddler Class (2 – 3 yrs.)Room 103 

Our 2 and 3-year-olds participate in music, games and crafts as they begin exploring their world.  Our goal is that they experience the joy and love that come from being part of the family of God.  These children participate in the Angel Choir weekly at the beginning of their class, led by Lisa Elkins. Teachers:  Dara Edwards and Nancy Schloss

PreK – Kindergarten 

Our 4 and 5-year-olds begin learning the stories of our faith through music, games and art projects.  Our goal is that they begin to understand the love that God and their church family has for them.  These children also participate in the Angel Choir with Lisa Elkins at the beginning of their class each week.  Teachers:  Kari Baumann, Caroline Joyce and Terri Ramsey

Grades 1st – 2nd

Our 6 and 7-year-olds continue learning the stories of our faith each week, exploring God’s world and how God acts through his people.  This is also a very active class, with hands-on activities, games, art, science and music.  Teachers:  Allison Blay and Walt Pickard

Grades 3rd – 5th

Our upper elementary students begin to study the stories of Jesus in a deeper way, gaining a vision of how God wants his people to treat each other and the world.  These students also begin developing Bible literacy skills, such as learning the books of the Bible, memorizing short verses and being able to find verses in the Bible.  They participate weekly in games, art and science as a means of exploring the truths of our faith and our world. They also attend Passport overnight camp in June together.  Teachers:  Lauren Grubbs, Anna and Peter Martinek-Jenne

Grades 6th – 12th, Fellowship Hall
In this hour, our youth will engage in relevant conversations about life and faith. We hope that when our youth leave CP, they have the ability to continue some form of personal, spiritual practice and that they have the tools to critically read and consider the sacred texts of their faith.
Teachers: Adam Team, James Blay

Adult Study Groups

God in Books, Room 303
This class reads and discusses a variety of Christian literature. This semester the class is reading Faith Stories.
Teachers: Mark Fleming, Ann Usey, Lexi Eagles

Bible 101, Room 305
This class is reading through the letter to the Galatians together. Galatians documents a deep division in the early church over the role of the Hebrew Bible in the life of a Christian. Teacher: Chuck Joyce

Generations, Parlor
The Generations class began as a combination class of our CP Young Adults and our CP Senior Adults – but truly all are welcome! The class uses the Formations curriculum to help learn together and from each other about life and faith.

Sunday School