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At College Park, We Are…

An Inclusive Community of folks gathering to worship a living God. We aim to create biblically focused, culturally diverse, accessible, creative, and liturgical worship services that include laughter as well as contemplation and leave space for congregants to shape our services with their insight. As a community that strives to reflect the boundless love of Jesus, we are honored to have a richly diverse community reflected both in our staff and within our congregation.

Our goals are to enjoy fellowship with a community of faith, provide quality Christian education for all ages, support missions here and abroad, encourage creativity, honor family, value an inclusivity of all who confess Jesus is Lord, use excellent music to praise and enjoy God, promote radical stewardship of all talents, plan for the future so the Church will flourish, respect the diversity of our members, be faithful to historic Baptist beliefs and history, and encourage a deep Christian curiosity and spiritual openness.

We believe that being shaped by the wisdom of this community allows us to better love, advocate for, and serve each other. As people who believe that all humans are created in the image of God, we delight in the potential all of us have to reflect Christ as a mirror reflects light, actively seeking ways to make the message of God’s love real in people’s lives. Come see why we call ourselves “Progressive, Diverse, and Ecumenical.”


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