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captial campaign - access for all

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As in all things, years of wear and tear have taken their toll. To continue to serve our city from this mission outpost, we must address these needs. Also, we must have a vision for the future, so that our roots will continue to nourish new growth.

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Here are the most recent capital campaign totals with final costs of the two completed projects and final estimates for the two remaining projects.

  • Church Steeple – $68,000: Restored and repainted steeple, front columns and front of the chapel. COMPLETED!
  • Elevator – $328,000: Made the church fully accessible to all individuals, regardless of their physical limitations. COMPLETED!
  • Chapel Renovation – $197,000: Update and beautify the chapel, retaining the chapel’s intrinsic beauty while making it a more flexible worship space for future generations. Updated total includes new chairs, audio-visual, floor and window treatments. Wood from pews will be utilized.
  • Kitchen – $234,000: A complete makeover to bring it up to commercial code for upmost safety and efficiency. $39,000 of this has already been completed & paid.

UPDATED GOAL: $827,000
TOTAL CONTRIBUTED (est by 5/31/14): $452,000

These words embody the church’s effort behind this capital campaign. Fundamentally, the projects supported this campaign are about access… for everyone. Of course, the elevator will allow members and visitors in wheelchairs, with hip problems, or with other limitations to easily access basic, core areas of the church, such as the fellowship hall and the kitchen where we frequently gather.

The steeple project is also about access—it is a beacon to our church and gives us access to steady income (via cell phone tower rental) that sustains our missions and operations expenses. If the steeple is not repaired and painted, it will sustain continued structural damage. In a worst case scenario, it would have to be demolished.

Similarly, renovating the kitchen is about our access to an area that has provided not only weekly dinners and fellowship, but used to prepare for church celebrations such as the Male Bakeoff. Simply put, without the repairs funded by the capital campaign, our ability to use this space, to access this space, to its full potential is in question. The kitchen is also crucial to our mission work as a church, including being the launching pad for feeding those in need at Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Finally, the chapel renovation is about “accessing” space in a way that preserves its history and at the same time, makes the space accessible and useful for a variety of church needs in the future – whether it is the Tessera service, weddings or other church events.

All of these projects are about sustaining the church. The church, as a vehicle of our faith, sustains us. We, in turn, should sustain it by providing for maintenance of the facility and ensuring that its use and enjoyment can continue to sustain future members, as well as our current membership. The plans that the church approved are not “Cadillac” plans to make our church something gaudy or fancy; rather, these are projects to sustain the church, to nourish it as it nourishes us.

And, insofar as the church sustains us, it allows us to seek our own path to our faith, and, as part of that seeking, to serve, as we are called to do by Christ.

This campaign isn’t about money, it’s about access; it is about sustaining; it is about seeking and serving. Certainly, financial contributions from the membership are what facilitate this, but the mission is greater than that.