About Holy Chaos: CP Youth Minsitry!

Welcome to the College Park Youth Group. We understand what a big deal it is for you to entrust part of your child’s spiritual formation, individual growth and safety to other people. Your trust and your support for this program is a gift. We love our youth program and are committed to making this a positive experience for each youth who participates. The health and success of our youth group is in very large part due to the competent and incredibly gifted group of youth sponsors who love our youth and are equally committed to their spiritual and personal growth. Below is more information about our youth program. If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact Lin Story-Bunce, linbunce@gmail.com.

Q & A:

Why do youth ministry?

I believe the purpose of youth ministry is to provide our youth with a place to gather with peers – a place in which they can learn grace both extended and received in Christian community, where they are nurtured in spiritual and personal growth, where they are provided opportunities to live our their faith in love within community (both within and outside the walls of the church), and where they are empowered to become individual, critical-thinking Christians beyond their time here at CP.

We hope our program provides …

  • a safe place where youth can explore their faith openly and honestly.
  • an environment where questions are welcomed and group exploration of those questions is encouraged.
  • a nurturing model for Christian community, discipleship and leadership.
  • language for expressing faith.
  • support for youth as they make decisions about baptism and fuller participation as members of College Park.
  • skills to become thoughtful, young theologians who will carry their faith with them beyond their time in this youth group.

What is the role of the youth sponsors?

I cannot say enough how vital this group of saints is to this youth program. These are incredible people who give freely of their time to the youth program and who take a genuine interest in the lives and growth of our youth. Our youth sponsors are committed to making our program a safe place where our youth can be youth, can grow as individuals and in their faith, and where they come to know the importance of their being and their own giftedness.

Our youth sponsors support this program by:

  • providing consistency of leadership. Our YS commit to participating in and leading our Sunday Night Youth Program at least two Sunday nights a month.

Some of our YS teach our youth SS class.

  • creating an environment where your youth feel safe, welcomed and valued.
  • nurturing the personal and spiritual growth of our youth. They welcome the questions of our youth and offer guidance in exploring those questions.
  • serving as models of Christian discipleship and leadership.

How do we accomplish the goals of our youth program?

At the end of the day, we want our youth to become Christians who think critically and carefully about their faith, the world and their place in it. There are a number of ways we hope to accomplish this in the time your child is in this program which include our weekly gatherings, community service opportunities, and regular communal worship and reflection. We hope that when our youth leave CP, they have the ability to continue some form of personal, spiritual practice and that they have the tools to critically read and consider the sacred texts of their faith.

When do the youth meet?

Sunday (weekly)
9:45am – Youth Sunday School (6th-7th Grade class & High School class)
4:45pm – Youth Choir
5:30pm – Youth Dinner
6:00 – 7:00pm – Holy Chaos

Tell me more about your Activities! 

Our Sunday night youth gathering is for youth grades 6-12. The evening begins with youth dinner (5:30 pm). Dinner are provided by parents of our youth – we invite you to sign up if you wish. Holy Chaos follows our dinner time and includes spirituality and worship, games, discussions, community outreach or group outings. Below are more opportunities we offer throughout the year.

Service Opportunities:
We provide the youth with several opportunities to participate in community activities. In November and May of each year, the youth serve dinner at Greensboro Urban Ministry. Serving dinner at GUM is an opportunity for the youth to serve others in the community, to make practical connections between the gospel of Jesus’ ministry and their own ministry, and it exposes the youth tot he realities and experiences of other people.

The youth will participate in a variety of gatherings and trips throughout the year. Some of these trips will include curriculum and structure while others are more relaxed. The main purpose of each of theses occasions is to provide the youth with more opportunities to be together outside of our church setting.

Summer Trip of Work and Worship:
This trip is the most important thing we have happen all year – worth a year of Sundays!!! Trips like these are essential because they bring together all the elements that I believe are essential for nurturing our youth: worship, discipleship/service, communion, fellowship and holy trouble-making.

No matter what our theme, morning devotions and evening worship, guide our youth in exploring their ideas about who God is, who Jesus is, and what our faith means for our everyday life. We often ponder the question “where did you see God today?”