Qigong with Master Zhou

Qigong with Master Zhou will meet at CP on Saturday’s from 9:30-11:30 am (except the last Sat. of the month). Qigong is an exercise system from the Chinese Culture that incorporates movement (some very gentle and some a little taxing), breathing techniques and the use of intention/meditation. This class will focus on the health, healing and the meditation aspects. The primary teacher is Master Zhou. He is a 90 year old “master”  of qigong who has been in NC since 1995 and doing Qigong since he was 12 years old. Cost: $15/ 2 hour class. There is a wide range of people who attend—different ages and health challenges, so everyone is    welcome. Questions? Contact Tracy Peck at w. 336-370-4399 or c. 336-508-7906.

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