Baptismal Statements

Hayley Turner

Baptismal Statement by Hayley Turner
May 22, 2005

I am being baptized today because I am deciding that I want to make a commitment to God. I believe that Jesus was the Messiah and that he was crucified on the cross and that he rose from the dead. I think that Jesus was crucified because God loved us so much that he sacrificed his only Son for us to forgive us from our sins. I like to think about God as someone who goes on Earth very often and is everywhere around me when I am sad or angry.

What God means to me is someone who is just pure love. I know I’m seeing God when I am in church, in school and even just in my regular house. I know I am seeing Him if I have a problem or someone puts me down. I like to talk to God any time that I am having special feelings about all kinds of things, whether they are happy, sad or scary. I think that God is with me all the time because sometimes when I am mad or sad I think about God and it calms me down.

When I am in the car I look at the sunbeams and I suddenly have a feeling that God is looking down on us with the angels and seeing what is going on down here on Earth. I think that God can just with a touch of His hand make the whole ocean be very calm or wild. When I am at the beach and I hear the ocean, it’s very calm and when I see dolphins out there I know that they are so cool because God is the one who created them. When I see rainbows, I think those are the colors from Heaven that God has created.

God is very special in my life. I know He is always with me in my heart. I believe that Jesus was one of the main peace makers in everyone’s life. Whenever I hear the story about when He was crucified, it always gives me the shivers, but when it gets to the part about when he was resurrected, I always get this happy feeling in my heart.

I know that Jesus will live in my heart forever more and I will get to see him in Heaven. When I was younger I did not know very much about God and Jesus, but when I was even younger I did see a vision of Heaven. I used to tell my mother that I was allowed by God to pick my family when I was in Heaven before I got here, but now I can’t remember much about that because I am older. But I do know that God has always been in my life and will be forever.

Some people that have helped me along my journey through faith are my brother, my mom, my dad, most of my family members and a few people here at church. I am very happy that I am a Christian and I look forward to learning more about God and sharing what I learn with others.