Baptismal Statements

Laura Kate Ireland

Baptismal Statement by Laura Kate Ireland
April 29, 2007

What does baptism mean to me? Baptism to me means thinking of God more and trying out new things. One of the new things I’m doing is helping people a lot more. A person in my class was having trouble with a math problem. I was able to show them how to work the problem out.

Why I decided to get baptized is because I felt like I was ready. Sometimes my teacher tells us to pray before a test so we won’t make a bad grade. And I do pray. Sometimes at night before I go to sleep I talk to God. I don’t remember my brother getting baptized but I do remember seeing my sister’s baptism. I knew I wanted to go through the same thing but wasn’t old enough. Finally, I am.

My favorite part of baptism class is leaning about God and eating the do-nuts. I had to interview people about what baptism meant to them. One of the questions from the interview was “What mental picture of God do you have?” My favorite answer was “God was like a loving and caring father.”

I remember when Colby couldn’t eat anything the day before she was baptized. But she could drink other things like smoothies. I was so glad when I heard because there is a smoothie shop down the road from my house.

I know that deciding to commit my life to God is one of the biggest decisions I will ever make. And being baptized is a big part of that decision.