Baptismal Statements

Nathan Usey

Baptismal Statement by Nathan Usey
March 27, 2005

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a follower of God. I can’t remember any time that I didn’t feel loved by God or consider myself a Christian. To me, being a Christian is having a relationship with God. I wanted to be baptized ever since I understood what it symbolized—publicly letting people know you choose to be a Christian. I think I was nine when I first asked if I could be baptized. My dad said to give it a while. I actually asked many times but my dad asked me to wait until I was 12 so I could be sure I really thought it through and knew what it meant. And now I’m 12.

I’m glad I waited because I’ve had many doubts along the way. There’s still so much in the universe I don’t understand. Sometimes, especially during science at school, I’ve wondered if there even is a God. I’ve talked to my parents about these things and my dad says it’s normal to have doubts and that everyone has them and it’s possible to believe in science AND God. We had one talk I remember about how one guy named Pascal said it’s better to take a chance and believe in God. He said if it turns out you’re right, you’ve gained everything. But if you believe in God your whole life and it turns out you’re wrong—and there is no God—then you have lost nothing. That helped me. Plus, I’ve thought what else could explain what triggered life? How do you explain life—like how we have thoughts and emotions—without God? This helped me fit my faith together. I learned about God little by little. My mom read us bible stories since we were really little. This one bible with pictures she got from a yard sale was our favorite and she would use different voices and it was great to listen to. And I have always been interested in God. We would lie on the bed sometimes and talk about God and we pray most nights. It’s always felt pretty easy and natural with my family. I don’t pray every day now. I almost never pray at night anymore. I just pray when I think of it and need to talk to God. The only special moment I can remember about choosing to be a Christian, although I feel I have always been one, is during one talk with my dad, in the kitchen, we talked about my wanting to choose God and he helped me pray a prayer to ask God into my life.

Since then, I have tried to follow God, even though I still struggle with my temper and being loving to my brother and sister. I really have a temper, as Zack will tell you. I have tried to live out my faith by trying to be nice to some kids at school that no one else is nice to. I try to think about how they feel. Sometimes, I have to admit though, I have made fun of some kids too, so I don’t always do what I think I should. Also, if I weren’t Christian, I think I’d use cuss words constantly, but I try not to. I don’t always succeed; like I said, because I have quite a temper. Also, my faith in God has helped me face challenges at school. Some problem kids at school made for some challenges, but I talk these things over with my parents and we’ve prayed about it. That’s helped. I’ve learned that I can deal with many problems with a combination of my faith and a sense of humor. Sometimes, when a few bullies pick on other kids and I feel sorry for them, I’ve tried to distract them and get them laughing at some stupid joke to take the spotlight off the kid being made fun of. I’ve learned from my dad that a sense of humor helps a lot of things.

I have grown up at this church, and it has always felt like a safe and comfortable and fun place to be. I’ve never felt disgraced at College Park. And it’s different from school where there’s so much work all the time. I like having my dad as the pastor; it’s kind of cool. I guess I’ve learned a lot about how God loves us and the whole world all through my years in Sunday School and church at College Park. Dad’s sermons really helped me once I actually started to listen to them. And I like being in Youth Group now.

I have no idea what I will do when I grow up. I only know what I am interested in now: reading, soccer, chess, computer games, and other stuff. But I think that God will help me figure it out down the road. I’m just glad to finally have this day come. It’s important to me finally to be baptized and let people know I love and want to follow God.