Ultimate Frisbee – 6 pm Monday Nights

Ready to get out and run?  Join us for Ultimate Frisbee Monday nights, 6:00 pm, at Lake Daniel Park (corner of Radiance and Mimosa).  No experience is necessary. Bring a red shirt, a white shirt, and some water and you are good to go! You will learn as you play! Or just bring a chair and relax and chat with your friends and watch the game. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport (most of the time) played on a field with two end zones. If you have the Frisbee, you cannot run, but must pass it to another team mate. Points are scored by catching the Frisbee in the end zone. If we have enough players, we can have beginner and advanced games going at the same time. You can find us on Facebook at  “College Park Frisbee.”


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