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Unity Flag

The unity flag is an attempt to utilize designs and colors from several human rights/social justice causes and bring them together in one design. Created by Christian McIvor and Juni Hylton. the Unity Flag was first flown by his fellow College Park Baptist Church members in the FaithAction Downtown Unity Walk in Greenboro, NC on August 5, 2017.

Colors used include those in the rainbow flag (LGBTQ Pride) as well as those in the Transgender Pride flag. As much as possible, these colors are presented as they naturally appear on the UV Spectrum, in clockwise fashion beginning with red on the lower left side of the flag. White, black, dark brown, and light brown are used to represent the ideals of racial reconciliation and multicultural unity. Each of these colors is given equal representation in the middle of the flag, as these colors are intended to represent people of all colors throughout the world.

The absence of any national or religious symbols is deliberate, as this is intended to be a design meaningful to people of all faiths and nations. The colors all meet in and emanate from the middle, to symbolize the interconnectedness and unity of all people.

Feel free to use this symbol to show your support for basic human and civil rights for all people! The flag can be put up for display as it is on any supporting platform or even hoisted using the various types of flagpoles
(https://flagpolesetc.com/flagpoles/aluminum-telescoping-flagpoles) available.
Please be sure to direct any profits from products sold toward the causes this symbol represents in your local community.

Unity Flag magnets are now available. Place order. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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