Baptismal Statements

Ben Kirkman’s Baptismal Statement

Ever since I was young, I remember that I always loved going to church.  Church has been a positive experience and going to church on Sunday was a fun family ritual that we did every week. When people ask me what it means to be baptized, my answer would be to show everyone that I want to be closer to God, to the church, and to all the people I love around me. 

Throughout my life, I have had many people help me through the difficult times, whether that be a test that I didn’t understand, a voice of reasoning I needed to calm me down, or even someone to just talk to when I am feeling lonely. I have always been good at picking the right friends and making good choices, and I am very thankful for that. I have been going to College Park ever since I was just a tiny little baby and was old enough to go in the nursery at church.  Ever since then, I feel it has been a good home to me and I appreciate that very much. I had many great Sunday school teachers.  I have many good memories of fun things at church like Halloween parties, Easter egg hunt, Youth scavenger hunts, and youth trips.

My time here has shaped my faith in many ways, with my favorite activity being youth group. Ever since I started going to youth, I have loved meeting so many amazing people.  I feel like youth has helped things just click for me with God and my role in the church, even if I wasn’t the most talkative person there.  The youth mission trip to Tarboro was my most meaningful experience since we were helping people who had been severely impacted by a recent hurricane but wanted to still live in their homes.  Plus, I learned it’s a lot of fun to demolish stuff but to also fix things.

Today is a special day for many reasons, but getting to do this with my brother is truly special because I feel like over the past few years, we have really had some time to bond with each other. When Grant first started going to youth with me, it felt odd at first realizing how fast we were both growing up. I have been doing my best to encourage him to come to youth, because it has shaped me in a better person with many good role models.  I want the same thing for him. Having a brother like Grant is great because we have an understanding between us that I don’t have with anyone else.  So, it is really wonderful to share this moment in front of my church with my brother.  I thank everyone who is here now for being here for my statement, and for those who have helped shape me as a Christian along the way.